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Deacons at Holy Redeemer

The role of the deacons is to support the Pastor in all parish activity and help to create a good spiritual environment.

What does a deacon do?

Wayne Johnson, Ken Perrett, and Lawrence Wakaruk have been ordained by the Archbishop for ministry of service to the poor, the disadvantaged, just to name a few. Funerals, Marriages, Baptisms, and preaching are all diaconal ministries.

Who determines in which parish a deacon is assigned?

The above mentioned men have been assigned to Holy Redeemer Parish. Deacons are ordained for the Diocese and so in addition to serving the parish, we help where we can outside the parish doing various ministries as Pastors or the Archbishop request.


Deacon Wayne Johnson
Deacon Ken Perrett

Interested in joining? Would you like more information?

Contact: Wayne Johnson, Ken Perrett, or Lawrence Wakaruk
Phone: Holy Redeemer office at 669-0501 or E-mail: