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Deacon Wayne Johnson

I was ordained as a permanent Deacon on June 5, 2004 at St. Boniface Cathedral. My outreach ministry has been ministering to and journeying with the incarcerated, primarily at Stony Mountain and Rockwood Institutions and occasionally at the Remand Centre and Headingly Correctional.

I began my ministry as Community Chaplain for Bridging the Gap Ministry 7 years ago. Our training and leaders urged deacons to make "outreach ministry" a priority. It has been a demanding ministry, as the needs are huge and resources are scarce. It has also been very rewarding, as I witness men and women turning their lives over to God and experiencing His touch and healing. They have been able to find the strength and empowerment to leave their criminal lifestyles behind. They become new creations through the power of the Holy Spirit, by making positive choices and coping with their pain in positive and constructive ways. I never cease to be amazed as I watch God's transforming power working in peoples' lives, moving them from hopelessness and despair to finding meaning and purpose, as they come to know God's unconditional love. I thank God for this privilege of accompanying the "Poor in Spirit".

Volunteers are most welcome to "come and see" where they can share their gifts at BGM.

Another part of my ministry involves occasionally facilitating Sunday "Communion Services" at the Health Sciences Centre Chapel.