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Holy Redeemer Mixed Choir

When: Practice: Tuesday's at 7 p.m.
Where: Holy Redeemer Church

The mixed choir is a blend of ages as well as voices. We have members who have been with our group from the time that Holy Redeemer began as a parish, as well as several young people who have recently joined us.

We provide a mixture of contemporary as well as traditional church music and often incorporate 2 and 4 part harmony. Our main focus however, is to provide a framework for congregational singing.

At present we have two organists who alternate Sundays. Occasionally we also have two violinists who accompany us along with the organ. We provide music for the congregation on a rotational basis with the two other music groups in our parish.

Our main source of music is from our recently purchased BREAKING BREAD HYMNALS but we do occasionally tap into other resources as well.

Interested in joining? Would you like more information?

Contact: Marina Lawrence
Phone: Holy Redeemer office at 669-0501 or send an e-mail to