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Holy Redeemer Prayer Ministry

If you desire prayer or know of someone in the parish that would like prayer please call Pat Kapilik at 663-4928.

Prayer Ministry Group

This group has not been formed but I would really like to see a request made for a group to start. There could be one small group in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening once a week. Eventually it would be great to have a small group praying everyday except Sunday.

The Prayer Box

If you have any Prayer Requests please put them on the papers outside the Prayer Box that is located at the very end of the long counter on your right hand side when you come out of the sanctuary. When your prayer is answered or you no longer require prayer for that person or situation please let us know by placing another piece of paper in the Prayer Box thank you.

Interested in joining? Would you like more information?

Contact: Pat Kapilik
Phone: Holy Redeemer office at 669-0501 or send an e-mail to